Ages 5 -7
Mondays 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Fee: £90 per term

(every new starter is entitled to a free taster session and we offer a 15% younger sibling discount)


Ages 8 - 10
Mondays 5:45pm - 7:15pm
Fee: £108 per term

(every new starter is entitled to a free taster session and we offer a 15% younger sibling discount)

Welcome to the Dramaworkshop family! Our Minis & Apollos will have a fantastic time focusing on learning the basics of performance and devising. They'll be encouraged to let their imagination run free through games, improvisation and team building and guided in developing their confidence and creativity. Our aim is to allow them to express and explore in a fun, safe and supportive environment whilst enriching them with as many experiences as possible. 

Dramaworkshop was founded by Esther Stanford and when she handed the company over to Greg & Rebecca they chose to use her name 'Esther' (which means  'Star') as the theme for their group names. They felt it a fitting tribute to Esther and to everyone who steps foot though their doors.



Workshop leader of Minis & Apollos

Rebecca has over 25 years experience in primary education, specialising in arts and culture. Her passion has always been to encourage young people to bring out the best in themselves through creativity, allowing them to express and explore. We're excited for her to lend her energy, skills, enthusiasm and passion to us. We're thrilled for her to lead our newest groups Dramaworkshop Minis & our Junior Apollos.